Completion of Urton Lane Bridge Announced

Hollenbach Oakley joined Representatives from State and Local offices to announce the completion of the Urton Lane Bridge on Wednesday, May 9. The bridge is Phase I of the Urton Lane Project, which will grant a new access route from Blankenbaker Station Business Park to Taylorsville Road and the Gene Snyder.

“The bridge project gets us closer to completion of the Urton Lane Corridor, which has been talked about for years,” said Mayor Greg Fischer. “And it’s time to make it a reality. Connecting this bridge to Urton Lane and completing the Urton Lane Corridor will help us add up to 10,000 new jobs.”

"Transportation projects like the Urton Lane Bridge provide vital connections to keep Kentucky’s economy moving, I applaud the efforts of Councilman Benson, who worked tirelessly to make this project a reality,” said Governor Matt Bevin. “By placing economic development ahead of partisanship, we are confident that there will be further opportunities for new development and jobs in Jefferson County and throughout the Commonwealth.”

The bridge and future Urton Lane Corridor are located in Phase IV of Blankenbaker Station Business Park, which is under development by Hollenbach Oakley. The project will result in the development of more than 400 acres of land and is on track to be completed by 2020.